Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Result

Hope you never have to sit in a doctors office waiting for a biopsy result because its  very scary.  The doctor was running an hour and a half behind schedule which made it worse.   I'm sitting there in the exam room looking anxiously at the door to open. Tick tock  tick tock. Door finally opens and the doctor tells me that they found no cancer cells on the tissue that lit up pretty hot on my Petscan. So now I have had 2 biopsies, one on the L1 vertebrae and one on the S1 which both were negative. Maybe I should call Gregory House for a diagnoses. I hear he is pretty good. A biopsy with no cancer is always good news and I take this victory with a couple of beers at a Mexican restaurant with Ana, Eric, and Chris Montoya.  So what's the next plan of action?  I will probably meet with my oncologist sometime this week or next. They may monitor me with another Petscan in a few months and compare  it to the one I just had. Today, this road led to victory and hopefully I will win this war. 

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  1. Great news to hear. Hang in there bro, it will be gone before you know it. Love You.