Sunday, November 20, 2011

Clucks, oinks, or moos

Its Sunday night...what a gloomy day we had here in the DFW area. I wanted to do something that didn't require much movement. Besides sleeping, I couldn't think of much. I played Modern Warfare 3 and those 10 year old gamers kick my butt. They are so good because that's all they do nowadays. Go grab a football and start a game with your neighborhood kids.... I wanted to be moving a little more since I am getting better and have been stuck at the apartment since I was discharged on Thursday. Atleast Friday night I was able to go to a restaurant for dinner with Ana, and two of the Montoya brothers, Chris and Eric. We went to Mi Cocina and for you non Spanish speaking folks it means my kitchen. The Mi Cocina at Legacy in Plano is a two story restaurant with no elevator access...just stairs. You wanna take a guess where they sat us? If you guessed the second floor, you could be a psychic. As I struggled to take the stairs, the waiter ask if we preferred to be seated on the first floor. I was already half way up. No sense to let my arch nemeses, the stairs, beat me. We ate 7 bowls of chips before we got the meals we ordered. I got "Tacos de Brisket". It means brisket tacos. The Spanish 1 and 2 class I took in high school is really paying off with these translations. Tacos were pretty good but I prefer those hole in the wall Mexicans restaurants. Food is more authentic and they are much cheaper. Try the lengua(cow tongue) tacos. It sounds gross but they are very good and you can't get those at On the Border. Just like today, Ana's mom brought us barbacoa which is cows head. Yum. If it clucks, oinks, or moos I will eat it. Other than going out to eat on friday, I pretty much was a hermit. Now I have to hope that I am physically ready for work tommorrow. I'm not sure which would be more painful; sitting on a chair all day or catching up on email. Oh by the way....Miralax....that stuff works!! 2 Vicodins tonight and Miralax in the morning. Happy Sunday Funday.

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