Thursday, November 17, 2011

More pain meds please!!

I woke up around 4:30 am today because I was in pain and had to pee. I woke up Ana to get my urinal. I can get used to this not having to get up and going to the bathroom. I may take that urinal home!! I called my murse(man nurse) for some pain meds and gave me xxxx through an IV. It felt weird going in(that's what she said) and it help but it didn't last that long. About an hour later I was calling my murse again. This time I want Vicodin. Now that helped! I hardly had any sleep at all due to the pain, my IV device alarming twice and the murse checking on me and taking temperature and blood pressure.
For being a hospital. There breakfast wasn't to bad. I had scrambled eggs, bacon, Hashbrown and pancakes. Ya I know your thinking..."damn fat boy hungry", but the servings was pretty small. Knowing what hospitals charge. That was probably a $50 breakfast.
The physical therapist or terrorist...pick your poison..had me get out of bed to walk around. GET OUT OF BED??!!!?? I could barely move around in bed without screaming. If I want to go home today I better show her I can move around. The pain of getting out of bed was terrible but I did it. She tied a rope around me just in case I started falling. I felt like I was 90 years old walking around the floor. I got a little dizzy but was able to accomplish what she needed to see. As long as my blood drainage isn't to much then they will discharge me. I am hoping so because I don't want to spend another night at the hospital without my Hanson. No matter how bad I feel, Hanson always makes me better. Just as I am typing, vicodene? Yes, please!!


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  2. Yo Ken you are a clown. Glad to read the joking as you keep us up to date. Stay determined and know everyone is praying for you. Love you Bro.

  3. Even in the hospital, you still cracking jokes! I pray with St. Roch to heal what ails you and for you to keep up the fight. I can only imagine what you are going through and I know that you will come out better than when you went in. I am sure that Hanson is missing you too. Love you Bro and if you need something, you know I am across the street.